The Government of Kenya announced a ban on the use, manufacture and import of all plastic bags. Kenya today is the 11th country to take action in support of the UN Environment campaign. In Africa, Rwanda and Morocco have already banned plastic bags and other countries are set to announce measures in the coming weeks.

TOURISM DEVELOPMENT LEVY The Levy Background The Ministry of Environment Natural Resources’ Conservation and Tourism through the Botswana Tourism Organisation wishes to announce the introduction of an obligatory Tourism Development Levy (TDL) Purpose of the Levy The objective of the Levy is to raise funds for conservation and national tourism development in order to support

An African safari is not just a regular holiday you can have. It’s a mix of adventures, leisure and beautiful landscapes with lots of sunshine 1. Get close to Nature.  Experience the bush. If you are a nature lover, you’ll love the earthy smell and feel of being alive, you can only get in Africa.

The battle of a Botswana vs Tanzania safari is different because they are fantastic destinations to visit in Africa! But it is time to choose which of these incredible continents you want to start your adventure too. As you know when doing your research, Africa is a huge place. Many people mistakenly think of it

If you’re planning on heading on an African safari, it’s best not to delay. Research has suggested the world could lose two-thirds of its wildlife by 2020, unless urgent action is taken. The misuse of resources means that many beautiful animals, including African elephants in Tanzania, could be part of a vanished world. The Living

When packing for a beach holiday we all have those staple items: a bottle of sun cream, fashionable swim wear, travel money… But as you may have learnt, when researching those injections for yellow fever, preparing for an African safari is somewhat different. You are off on the adventure of a lifetime, after all. Would

With powdery white sand, beautiful palm trees, blue skies and crystal clear seas, our Zanzibar beach holidays are spectacular. Famous for its spices and bounty of exotic wildlife such as turtles, dolphins and red colobus monkeys, booking our beach holidays in Zanzibar is an unforgettable experience. The Zanzibar archipelago covers over 50 islands, strung out

The UK foreign secretary Boris Johnson recently accidently called Africa, the second largest continent in the world, ‘that country’. He was actually meant to say ‘continent’, but the faux pas was quickly picked up. This reflects the confusion many people in the UK have over Africa. Africa is absolutely huge, only surpassed by Asia in

Many people dream of heading on a safari, but are daunted by the levels of planning required. After all, it’s not like cavorting off to Europe for the weekend. The world’s oldest continent is gigantic, mysterious, enigmatic… Many people going to Africa for the first time feel intimidated by the prospect, no matter how excited

Smouldering sunsets, ancient traditions, incredible animals… Everybody should experience Africa at least once in their lifetime. Our luxury train safaris are a unique way to see and experience this vast continent. The Blue Train Experience is a luxury train safari that offers magnificent views and captivating experiences. Many first time visitors to Africa report a