An African safari is not just a regular holiday you can have. It’s a mix of adventures, leisure and beautiful landscapes with lots of sunshine 1. Get close to Nature.  Experience the bush. If you are a nature lover, you’ll love the earthy smell and feel of being alive, you can only get in Africa.

Whether you are looking for beautiful beaches or energetic adventures; magical balloon rides or romantic dinners for two while watching Africa’s most breath-taking sunsets, tailor-made African honeymoon safaris offer something to suit every taste. Sundowner Honeymoon Safaris There really is nothing more romantic than a ‘table for two’ in the midst of some of Africa’s

Below is the latest advice and guidelines on how to get a visa for Malawi. How to get a visa for Malawi (Updated 2015) 1.0 INTRODUCTION Visa means an endorsement or an entry in a passport or other travel document made by an immigration officer or any official of the government authorized to do so to