A Return to the Wild

Now more than ever before, many of us are longing to return to nature, to take a deep breath and come back to a more grounded place. Isolation, social distancing, quarantine, and travel bans have left a lot of us with a collective sense of disconnection and unease.

One thing is for certain; we have found nowhere else in the world that offers a deeper sense of connection and wildness than Africa.

As more opportunity to travel begins to open, and international bans are lifted, there is a growing sense among travelers of both wanting to spread our wings and explore the world once more, while also needing to remain diligent and cautious in regard to health and safety.

The wonderful thing about a Safari Adventure in Africa is that it is already naturally designed to be distanced from large crowds. Instead, venturing into the African bush offers openness, space, a vastness that fills your soul with perspective and wonder. Peering into the eyes of countless wild animals ignites a vibrant energy that is virtually impossible not to feel.

Connection is all around, not only with friends and family, but with yourself and nature. There is so much to learn from being in the wilderness and Africa is one of the wildest places on earth.

Small groups, exclusive camps and luxury lodges, remote wilderness and rugged terrain — Ubon Safari and Africa are ready to safely welcome those who seek adventure, clean air, deep breaths and return to the wild.


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