Coronavirus Update

The World Health Organization declared the COVID19 outbreak a Public Health Emergency on 31st of January and a Pandemic on 11th of March 2020.

This has since affected the Travel Industry causing disruptions due to travel bans in many countries and restrictions on Flight operations.

In response to the travel restrictions, our suppliers and partners in each country are adapting to these changing circumstances in terms of reviewing their attitude towards postponement or cancellation.

UBON Safari is closely monitoring the situation with the global press on a daily basis.

As the situation is constantly changing, we’ll update this post as and when possible.

Although we will try to be as accurate as possible, we reserve the right not to be bound by information that later emerges as erroneous.

Our Approach:

We also keep in close contact with our suppliers, lodges, hotels, and all other properties, to receive up-to-date first-hand information and updates from Africa.

We recommend clients keep up to date too, by accessing the World Health Organization’s official website WHO for Coronavirus updates.

Cancellation of your trip:
You are entitled to cancel your trip as per our normal terms and conditions. This is likely to result in the loss of non-recoverable costs from your deposit, as in many cases we have paid deposits to the African safari companies.

However, please discuss your specific circumstances with us. We, and our suppliers, will aim to be as fair as possible in terms of the financial consequences of cancelling.

You may be able to recover  non-refundable costs from your Travel Insurance, under certain circumstances.

Why should you re-schedule?

  • To have a meaningful and life-enhancing treat to look forward to when the time is right.
  • To make sure you still get the holiday you wanted and planned
  • The last few weeks have been tough for most people globally. With current lockdowns and stay at home orders most of us may be looking to get away for a restorative holiday when the pandemic crisis is over.
  • By postponing a trip planned for the time of the pandemic (rather than cancelling outright), you will be making a massive difference to the lives of people and supporting the less fortunate in emerging economies in a poorer part of the world, especially in Africa.
  • Jobs in tourism support many more people than you meet in person and the ‘trickledown effect’ gets money straight to communities working hard to ‘be the change’ in Africa.
  • Many wildlife conservation areas and community conservancies rely entirely on tourism. Absence of visitors brings the immediate prospect of hardship and job losses.
  • There is a threat to animals too. With rangers laid off, safari vehicles not in sight and poverty on the rising, poachers would prey on the conservancies’ last remaining amazing wildlife.
  • The more people who postpone, the more robust the Africa safari businesses will be, which means that the friendly faces, cheerful and helpful staff and super-knowledgeable wildlife rangers and guides will be there to say “hi” when you do make it here!


Thank you for your understanding and we apologise in advance for our slow response at this time.

If you are looking to travel on safari we are still open for business and taking bookings.


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