Desert & Delta Safaris announces scenic helicopter flights

Desert & Delta Safaris has announced that it now offers permanent scenic helicopter flights at Camp Okavango and Xugana Island Lodge.

Walter Smith, Desert & Delta Marketing Director, says: “Having a helicopter at the camp means that scenic flights will be more affordable for a memorable addition to your travellers safari in Botswana. Seeing the Okavango Delta from a helicopter is a truly magnificent experience.”

Desert & Delta Safaris has partnered with Helicopter Horizons to offer this service. The doors of the helicopter will be removed, providing uninterrupted views and close-up angles of the majestic Delta and its wildlife.

Scenic helicopter flights range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes, with a minimum of two passengers being required for a flight to take place.

Camp Okavango and Xugana Island Lodge are located in the Shinde Concession. The concession is on the northern edge of the Okavango Delta and is the smallest concession in the delta.

Helicopter Horizons operates its scenic flights with the highest level of respect and caution for the natural environment and wildlife. The routes and take-off areas are designed specifically to make use of pristine areas within the incredible concession that hosts Camp Okavango and Xugana Island Lodge.

Source: Tourism Update


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