East Africa Yellow Fever Vaccine Update

Uganda & Rwanda have advised that a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate is now mandatory for all visitors.

Kenya & Tanzania have advised that passengers arriving from the countries listed below are required to present a valid yellow fever vaccination certificate:


Angola Kenya
Argentina Liberia
Benin Mali
Bolivia Mauritania
Brazil Niger
Burkina Faso Nigeria
Burundi Panama
Cameroon Paraguay
Central African Republic Peru
Chad Republic of the Congo
Colombia Rwanda
Cote d’Voire Sao Tome and Principe
Democratic Republic of the Congo Senegal
Ecuador Sierra Leone
Equatorial Guinea Somalia
Ethiopia South Sudan
French Guiana Sudan
Gabon Suriname
Gambia Togo
Ghana Trinidad and Tobago
Guinea Uganda
Guinea Bissau United Republic of Tanzania
Guyana Venezuela

Transit passengers (less than 12 hours) in Kenya & Tanzania shall not be checked for compliance with the certification.


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