Helicopter Scenic Flights

Based in Maun the gateway to the Okavango Delta, our partners Helicopter Horizon Helicopter charter company is the only one in the region. We provide a unique travellers with unique and unforgettable scenic flights for our guests which include excursions and transfers that only a helicopter can afford. In addition to this we also offer a range of other helicopter-based services.

Scenic Helicopter Flight over the Okavango Delta

The doors are off for this scenic flight over the stunningly beautiful Okavango Delta. Where guests can experience the crystal-clear waters of the meandering channels of the Okavango as well as witnessing the diverse wildlife in the lush bushes of the floodplains. Great for Aerial Photography.


One Hour Scenic Helicopter Flight over the Okavango Delta

45 Minute Scenic Helicopter Flight over the Okavango Delta

30 Minute Scenic Helicopter Flight over the Okavango Delta

Breathtaking Helicopter Transfers Between Camps in Botswana

We also offer unique Private Helicopter transfers between Maun and all camps. Guests are provided with headsets as the pilots commentary of the Okavango Delta, throughout the flight.

Exclusive Helicopter Tours in the Okavango Delta

This tour offers a  unique opportunity to land the helicopter on a palm island in the midst of the Okavango Delta for a glass of the finest French Champagne. An truly unforgettable experience.

Helicopter Tours to the Remote Village in the Okavango Delta.

Botswana has diverse ethnic groups living side by side in what has historically been a very peaceful country.  We are pleased to offer access to some of the most remote villages in the Okavango Delta. This offers our guests the perfect opportunity for a cultural experience, to meet people whose life has changed very little for many generations. A local guide will greet you and explain the aspects of domestic village life, religious beliefs, ceremonies, art, traditional fishing, hunting and gathering as we meet his people. The Botswana are peaceful, humble and very welcoming, ensuring you an enriching experience that will leave you with new insights.
This tour is great for Aerial photography, cultural interaction and photography and great bird and landscape photography.

A Half Day Tour by Helicopter to UNESCO World Heritage Site Tsodilo Hills.

Ubon Safari also offer a half day experience to explore the prehistoric cliffs of Tsodilo, emerging out of the surrounding Kalahari Desert plains in the remote northwest of the country. This rocky outcrop, rising 1 400 meters is Botswana’s highest point, and little visited.

Guests can experience evidence of human activity here dating as far back as 100,000 years. A sacred place for the indigenous San people who believe these rocks brings positive energy. Here you will also find one of the highest concentrations of ancient rock art on Earth, the prehistoric cliffs are beautifully decorated with, among other, rhinos, eland, and elephants painted in red.

Flight is over the Okavango Delta.

This is an experience that will stir the soul and fill you with lifelong memories.

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