Important Visa information for Tanzania

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1. Entry requirements:

Foreigners seeking to enter the United Republic of Tanzania should be in possession of a valid passport or any other authorised travel document; which means a document other than National passport issued by a state or an International Organization and recognised by the government of the United Republic of Tanzania as a travel document, must be presented to the immigration control officer at any entry point, such as border station, airport or harbour. The Passport or any other Travel Document must be presented along with the following;A valid visa orA Resident permit orA pass.N.B, A  Visitor must also present an onward or return ticket together with proof that he/she has sufficient funds to support him/her self while in Tanzania.

2: Visa:

A visa is a permission granted to a foreigner to enter and remain in the United Republic of Tanzania for a specific period of time. A visa is issued to a visitor who intends to enter into Tanzania for the purpose of visit, leisure, holiday, business, health treatment, studies or any other related activities. It is granted on the basis of reciprocity upon application by the would be visitor to United Republic of Tanzania. Visa is applied for and issued at Tanzania Embassies/High commissions abroad or at any entry point to Tanzania. On entering the country, a visitor with a valid visa is given a pass or any other authorization to stay in the country.

3: Who requires a visa?

All foreigners seeking to enter in the United Republic of Tanzania are required to have a valid visa, unless their countries have visa abolition agreement with Tanzania. However, these countries may change from time to time.2.

4: Types of Visas:

Visa is classified according to the nature of the journey of the would be visitors.

(a)   Ordinary visa.

An ordinary visa is issued at Tanzania embas

 sies/high commissions abroad or at any official entry point into Tanzania. This kind of visa is granted to foreigners who wish to enter in the United Republic of Tanzania for the purpose of Holidays, leisure, visiting friends & relatives, meetings, conferences and health treatment. A single visa has a validity of ninety (90) days with effect from the date of issue, provided that the validity of the passport at the time of issuing such visa, is not be less than six months. This type of visa is referred to as standard visa.           

(b)Multiple entry visas:

This type of visa is issued to enable a foreigner to come to Tanzania for several times within the validity of the visa. Foreigners who, because of the nature of their business or investments need to make frequent visits to the United Republic of Tanzania are issued with multiple entry visas. The validity range of this visa is from three months to one year, provided that a single stay shall not exceed ninety days. Applications for a multiple entry visa are usually submitted by local contacts on behalf of the applicants. The fee is US $ 100.with exception of Pakistan nationals whose specific visa fee is US $ 200.

(c)Referred visa:

The referred visa is one, that requires special clearance or permission from the Principal Commissioner of Immigration Services or Commissioner of Immigration Services (Zanzibar). People who fall under this category of visa may make enquiries at the nearest Tanzania Embassy/High Commission abroad.

(d)Transit visa:

Transit visa is a permission granted to enable the visitor to pass through the United Republic of Tanzania to any other destination abroad. This type of visa is only issued to persons with onward tickets, sufficient funds for transit and an entry visa to the country of destination or any proof that prior arrangements have been made that satisfy this requirement. It is issued for a maximum period of fourteen (14) days and non extendable. Standard fee for Transit visa is US $ 30.

(e) Gratis Visa:

This type of visa is issued to Diplomatic/Official Passport holders, except when travelling on non unofficial capacity in which they are subjected to pay prescribed fees.  3Holders of UN, SADC, AU Laissez-Passer and other International Organizations recognized by the United Republic of Tanzania are granted gratis visa, except when travelling on non official capacity in which they are subjected to pay for prescribed visa fees. Minors endorsed in the passport will be included in the visa granted to the passport holder.

Visa issuing centres and authorities:

A Foreigner can lodge visa application at the Tanzania Missions in the country where he/she resides, or at entry points into Tanzania, Immigration Headquarter, Dar es Salaam or Zanzibar Immigration Head office.

Visa fee rates:

Fee rates for Ordinary visa is US $ 50, except for the following Nationals with their specific visa rates in brackets; Pakistan ( US $ 200 ), USA-(US $ 100 ),Ireland ( US $ 100 ), Transit visa is US $ 30,while standard  Multiple visa is US $ 100.


All fees are payable at issuing station/offices. An Exchequer receipt should be provided immediately for any payments made. In case of any changes, the public will be informed accordingly.


1AbkhaziaNoYes50 USD
2Afghanistan RepublicNoYes50 USD
3AkrotiriYesNo50 USD
4Aland IslandsYesNo50 USD
5Albania RepublicYesNo50 USD
6Algeria RepublicYesNo50 USD
7American SamoaYesNo50 USD
8AndorraYesNo50 USD
9Angola RepublicYesNo50 USD
10AnguillaNo Visa Requirements
11Antigua And BarbudaNo Visa Requirements
12Argentina RepublicYesNo50 USD
13Armenia RepublicYesNo50 USD
14ArubaYesNo50 USD
15Ascension IslandYesNo50 USD
16AustraliaNoYes50 USD
17Austria RepublicYesNo50 USD
18Azerbaijan  RepublicNoYes50 USD
19BahamasNo Visa Requirements
20Bahrain KingdomYesNo50 USD
21Bangladesh RepublicNoYes50 USD
22BarbadosNo Visa Requirements
23Belarus RepublicYesNo50 USD
24Belgium KingdomYesNo50 USD
25BelizeNo Visa Requirements
26Benin RepublicYesNo50 USD
27BermudaNo Visa Requirements
28Bhutan KingdomYesNo50 USD
29Bolivia RepublicYesNo50 USD
30Boznia And HerzegovinaYesNo50 USD
31Botswana RepublicNo Visa Requirements
32BrazilYesNo50 USD
33Virgin IslandsNo Visa Requirements
34Brunei KingdomNo Visa Requirements
35Bulgaria RepublicYesNo50 USD
36Burkina FasoYesNo50 USD
37Burundi RepublicYesNo20 USD
38Cambodia KingdomYesNo50 USD
39Cameroun RepublicYesNo50 USD
40CanadaYesNo50 USD
41Cape Verde RepublicYesNo50 USD
42Cayman IslandsNo Visa Requirements
43Central African RepublicYesNo50 USD
44Chad RepublicNoYes50 USD
45Chile RepublicYesNo50 USD
46China RepublicYesNo50 USD
47Christmas IslandNo Visa Requirements
48CocosNo Visa Requirements
49Colombia RepublicYesNo50 USD
50Comoros Federal StateYesNo50 USD
51Democratic Republic Of CongoYesNo50 USD
52Congo (Brazzaville) RepublicYesNo50 USD
53Cook IslandsNo Visa Requirements
54Costa Rica RepublicYesNo50 USD
55Cote d’ivoire RepublicYesNo50 USD
56Croatia RepublicYesNo50 USD
57Cuba RepublicYesNo50 USD
58Cyprus RepublicNo Visa Requirements
59Czech RepublicYesNo50 USD
60DenmarkYesNo50 USD
61DhekeliaYesNo50 USD
62Djibouti RepublicNoYes50 USD
63DominicaNo Visa Requirements
64Dominican RepublicYesNo50 USD
65East Timor RepublicYesNo50 USD
66Equador RepublicYesNo50 USD
67Egypt RepublicYesNo50 USD
68El Salvador RepublicYesNo50 USD
69Equatorial Guinea RepublicNoYes50 USD
70EritreaNoYes50 USD
71Estonia RepublicYesNo50 USD
72EthiopiaNoYes50 USD
73Falkland IslandsNo Visa Requirements
74Faroe LslandsYesNo50 USD
75Fiji Islands RepublicYesNo50 USD
76Finland RepublicYesNo50 USD
77France RepublicYesNo50 USD
78French Polynesia Yes No50 USD
79Gabonese RepublicYesNo50 USD
80Gambia RepublicNo Visa Requirements
81Georgia RepublicYesNo50 USD
82Germany Federal RepublicYesNo50 USD
83Ghana RepublicNo Visa Requirements
84GibraltarNo Visa Requirements
85Hellenic RepublicYesNo50 USD
86GreenlandYesNo50 USD
87GrenadaNo Visa Requirements
88GuamYesNo50 USD
89Guatemala RepublicYesNo50 USD
90GuernseyNo Visa Requirements
91Guinea RepublicYesNo50 USD
92Guinea –  Bissau Republic YesNo50 USD
93Guyana RepublicNo Visa Requirements
94Haiti RepublicYesNo50 USD
95Honduras RepublicYesNo50 USD
96Hong KongNo Visa Requirements
97Hungary RepublicYesNo50 USD
98Iceland RepublicYesNo50 USD
99IndiaYesNo50 USD
100IndonesiaYesNo50 USD
101Iran RepublicYesNo50 USD
102Iraq RepublicYesNo50 USD
103Ireland RepublicYesNo100 USD
104IsraelYesNo50 USD
105ItalyYesNo50 USD
106JamaicaNo Visa Requirements
107JapanYesNo50 USD
108JerseyNo Visa Requirements
109JordanYesNo50 USD
110KazakhstanNoYes50 USD
111KenyaNo Visa Requirement
112KiribatiNo Visa Requirements
113Korea (North) RepublicYesNo50 USD
114Korea (South) RepublicYesNo50 USD
115KosovoYesNo50 USD
116KuwaitYesNo50 USD
117KyrgyzstanNoYes50 USD
118LaosYesNo50 USD
119LatviaYesNo50 USD
120LebanonN OYes50 USD
121LesothoNo Visa Requirement
122LiberiaYesNo50 USD
123LibyaYesNo50 USD
124LiechtensteinYesNo50 USD
125LithuaniaYesNo50 USD
126LuxembourgYesNo50 USD
127MacauYesNo50 USD
128MacedoniaYesNo50 USD
129MadagascarYesNo50 USD
130MalawiNo Visa Requirement
131MalaysiaYesNo50 USD
132MaldivesYesNo50 USD
133MaliNoYes50 USD
134MaltaYesNo50 USD
135Man, IsleYesNo50 USD
136Marshall IslandsYesNo50 USD
137MauritaniaNoYes50 USD
138MauritiusYesNo50 USD
139MayotteYesNo50 USD
140MexicoYesNo50 USD
141MicronesiaYesNo50 USD
142MoldovaYesNo50 USD
143MonacoYesNo50 USD
144MongoliaYesNo50 USD
145MontserratYesNo50 USD
146MoroccoNoYes50 USD
147MozambiqueNo Visa Requirement
148MyanmarYesNo50 USD
149Nagorno – Karbakh RepublicYesNo50 USD
150NamibiaNo Visa Requirement
151NauruNo Visa Requirements
152NepalYesNo50 USD
153NetherlandsYesNo50 USD
154NetherlandsYesNo50 USD
155New CaledoniaYesNo50 USD
156New ZealandYesNo50 USD
157Nicaragua RepublicYesNo50 USD
158Niger RepublicNoYes50 USD
159Nigeria Federal StateYesNo50 USD
160NiueYesNo50 USD
161Norfolk IslandYesNo50 USD
162Northern CyprusYesNo50 USD
163Northern Mariana IslandsYesNo50 USD
164Norway KingdomYesNo50 USD
165Oman SultanateYesNo50 USD
166PakistanYesNo200 USD
167PalauYesNo50 USD
168PalestineNoYes50 USD
169PanamaYesNo50 USD
170Papua New GuineaNo Visa Requirements
171ParaguayYesNo50 USD
172PeruYesNo50 USD
173PhilippineYesNo50 USD
174PolandYesNo50 USD
175PortugalYesNo50 USD
176Puerto RicoYesNo50 USD
177QatarYesNo50 USD
178RomaniaNo Visa Requirements
179RussiaYesNo50 USD
180RwandaNo Visa Requirements
181Saint HelenaYesNo50 USD
182Saint Kitts And NevisYesNo50 USD
183Saint LuciaYesNo50 USD
184Saint Pierre And MiquelonYesNo50 USD
185Saint Vincent And The GrenadinesYesNo50 USD
186SamoaNo Visa Requirements
187San Marino RepublicYesNo50 USD
188Sao Tome And Principe RepublicYesNo50 USD
189Saudi ArabiaYesNo50 USD
190SenegalNoYes50 USD
191Serbia And Montenegro Federal StateYesNo50 USD
192SeychellesNo Visa Requirements
193Sierra LeoneNoYes50 USD
194SingaporeNo Visa Requirements
195SlovakiaYesNo50 USD
196SloveniaYesNo50 USD
197Solomon IslandsYesNo50 USD
198SomaliaNoYes50 USD
199SomalilandNoYes50 USD
200South Africa RepublicYesNo50 USD
201South OssetiaYesNo50 USD
202SpainYesNo50 USD
203Sri LankaNoYes50 USD
204SudanYesNo50 USD
205SurinameYesNo50 USD
206SvalbardYesNo50 USD
207SwazilandNo Visa Requirement
208SwedenYesNo50 USD
209SwitzerlandYesNo50 USD
210SyriaYesNo50 USD
211TaiwanYesNo50 USD
212Tajikistan RepublicNoYes50 USD
213Tanzania  United Republic*************************************
214ThailandYesNo50 USD
215TogoleseYesNo50 USD
216TokelauYesNo50 USD
217Tonga KingdomNo Visa Requirements
218TransnistriaYesNo50 USD
219Trinidad And Tobago RepublicNo Visa Requirements
220Tristan And KunhaYesNo50 USD
221TunisiaYesNo50 USD
222TurkeyYesNo50 USD
223TurkmenistanNoYes50 USD
224Turks And CaicosNo Visa Requirements
225TuvaluNo Visa Requirements
226UgandaNo Visa Requirement
227UkraineYesNo50 USD
228United Arab EmiratesYesNo50 USD
229United KingdomYesNo50 USD
230United States Of AmericaYesNo100 USD
231UruguayYesNo50 USD
232UzbekistanNoYes50 USD
233VanuatuNo Visa Requirements
234VaticanYesNo50 USD
235VenezuelaYesNo50 USD
236VietnamYesNo50 USD
237Virgin IslandsYesNo50 USD
238Wallis And FutunaYesNo50 USD
239Western SaharaYesNo50 USD
240YemenYesNo50 USD
241ZambiaNo Visa Requirement
242ZimbabweNo Visa Requirement



3Azerbaijan12Lebanon21Somali land
4Bangladesh13Mali22Sierra leone
8Eritrea17Palestine state26Refugees
9Equatorial guinea18Senegal27Stateless.



1Julius Nyerere International airport20Dar Es Salaam Head quarters39Mozambique-Maputo
2Amani Abeid Karume International Airport21Zanzibar Head office40Namibia-Windhoek
3Kilimanjaro International Airport22Wete Sea port41Netherlands-Hague
4Mwanza Airport23Angola –Luanda42Netherlands-Rotterdam
5Zanzibar Sea port24Belgium-Brussels43Nigeria-Abuja
7Holili26Burundi-Bujumbura45Republic of south Africa-Pretoria
9Namanga28China –Beijing47Rwanda –Kigali
10Sirari29Democratic Republic of Congo-Kinshasa48Saudi Arabia –Riyadh
11Mtukula30Egypt-Cairo49Sweeden –Stockolm
12Rusumo31Ethiopia-Addis Ababa50Switzerland-Geneva
13Kabanga32France-Paris51Uganda –Kampala
14Manyovu33Germany-Berlin52United Arab Emirates-Abu Dhabi
15Kigoma Port34India-New Delhi53United Kingdom-London
16Tunduma35Italy –Rome54United states of America-New York
17Kasumulu36Japan –Tokyo55United states of America-Washington


For more information contact:

The Principal Commissioner of Immigration services,

P.O.BOX 512,


Tel. +255222850576

Fax +255222850584



e-mails: [email protected]  and or

              [email protected]


Also to:

Commissioner of Immigration services-Zanzibar

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Tel. +255242239148/+255242239149

Fax +2552422239149


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