We have been advised that apparently the KAZA Visa was a project on trial for 6 months, that was later extended to the end of 2015. Zambia have exhausted the KAZA Visa stocks they were allocated for the trial period so guests are no longer able to purchase this from the Zambian side, and are required to purchase single, double or multiple entry visas to enter Zambia.

The KAZA Visa is currently available on the Zimbabwe side, however, it is likely they will run out of supply in the next month or so. Although we have been informed that dialogue between Zambia and Zimbabwe is planned to map the way forward, we do not know at this stage whether the facility is in fact going to continue or not.

If nothing is communicated on an extension of the trial period by end of the year we will need to assume that it has come to an end. Accordingly, all guests requiring visas for Zimbabwe and Zambia will have to follow the original process.

We will keep you posted as and when we find out more.


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