Kitich Camp is a remote and private location in the stunning forest glade on the upper slopes of the Mathews Mountain (a.k.a Lenkiyio Hills ). The forest of the Mathews Mountains covers approximately 900 km2 ( 22000 acres ) and peaks at 6000ft from the lowlands.

Kitich Camp has 6 en- suite tents situated under a dense tree canopy, overlooking thr stunning Ngeng River. The camp provides old fashioned safari comforts.

Guests can explore the forest trails and crystal clear mountain stream by foot. The Local Samburu guides share their knowledge of hardwoods, plants and butterflies. Guests can swim in the springs and rivers around the Kitich Camp.

At night, the atmosphere is magical with the glade lit for guests to observe the cautious trail of the nocturnal visitors which include Melanistic ( black – coated ) Leopard, elephant, bushbuck and buffalo which come to drink or hunt by the river.