An experience to remember
Elephant with big tusks

If you love wild animals, are grateful for dedicated guides who will find them for you and you like wide open spaces to see animals in their habitat not in zoo cages, UB On Safari is a good choice.

At the Serengeti where you can see for miles and watch the gazelles jump, understand why elderly male elephants travel solo and see cats because your guide might be really good…he’ll find that cheetah that no one else could find!

At the Ngorongoro Crater while tighter in space you have the humrous experience of watching people watch animals…..part of the safari experience for sure.

A super plus of UB On Safari is that they let you travel alone, not with strangers…Lodging was wonderful, meals for me the vegetarian, were exquisite and my meat–eating husband actually enjoyed the vegetables so much he ate very little meat.

A great experience, if you are looking to see Africa in five or fifteen days.