The safari
Lioness on a tree

Our journey started with a simple email enquiry which resulted in an immediate response from yourself. This resulted in a lengthy telephone conversation, which convinced me that you were the one to organise our family trip for us in Tanzania. I had spoken to other operators previously but it was a chance conversation with a mutual friend that led me to you.

The safari is now over, but what a wonderful experience. This trip was the culmination of several exchanges between you and us, fine tuning the trip until it was perfected. Our dealings with you could not have been any smoother nor any more transparent. I am grateful to you for overseeing every aspect of this journey, even before we left. I was very surprised to have you call us when we landed in Arusha, ensuring our safe arrival and pick up with your local operators. I was even more grateful for you to have kept in touch with us throughout our seven days on Safari. We have travelled far and wide and have never had anybody check to see how our trips have been progressing en route!

You were aware that I was a keen photographer and you more than fulfilled your promise that you would provide your preferred travelling companion for us. It is thanks to Moses, your chosen guide and tracker, ( and also a very safe and considerate driver ) that I managed to capture so many amazing photographs of the game in all the parks that we visited. He knew exactly where to go and his anticipation was incredible. We seemed to be more often in the right place at the right time than not, often on our own and then, of course, all the other operators’ jeeps would arrive. Highlights included a lioness preparing for and the executing a hunt on a herd of gazelles, albeit unsuccessfully, the crocodile devouring a baby zebra that had strayed into its water and the leopard feasting on its kill in the tree! You would have seen this from some of the photos and video I have sent you. Many more to follow.

Your choice of lodges was also spot on based on our requirements. The Serena Lodges take a lot of beating for overall service and value. And thank you for organising the surprise cake and celebrations at the Ngorogoro Serena Lodge for my wife’s 50th and my son’s 21st birthdays while we were on safari. This was completely unexpected!

I would like to thank you and Beena for organising this incredible trip. There was not any aspect that could have been organised any better. I will be in touch for our next trip to this amazing continent. In the meantime, keep well.