This Wildlife BBC 2 Show – Fancy a personal visit?

A must watch for all wildlife lovers and enthusiasts wishing to go on a wonderful Safari in Kenya:

The Elephant watch Camp and Olerai House are owned and run by Saba Douglas – Hamilton and her Husband Frank with their 3 young children.

Elephant Watch Camp

Saba is the daughter of Dr. Iain Douglas – Hamilton, the famous and respected zoologist known for his great works on Saving Elephants in Africa and worldwide.

This Wildlife BBC2 show is set in the Samburu National Park which is famous for its wonderful wildlife such as large Elephant herds and lion prides. This wonderful programme on BBC 2 shows how they struggle to run the Elephant watch camp faced with monkeys in the kitchen, floods threatening the camp, elephants around the camp and much more.

A must watch for everyone!!

If you have enjoyed This Wildlife BBC2 show and want a closer look, you can stay at the Elephant Watch camp itself, with Ubon Safari.

Some activities you can look forward to at the Elephant Watch Camp:

Clients can visit the Save the Elephant Research Centre, wonderful game drives, bird walks, hikes with knowledgeable local Samburu Guides.

Clients can visit the local nomadic Samburu neighbours and also enjoy some epic sundowners.

To make the most of your stay we recommend minimum 3 nights to enjoy the many activities and relax and get the chance to visit and experience the cutting edge of conservation at the Save the Elephants Research Center founded in 1997 by  Dr. Iain Douglas – Hamilton.


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